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For the Love of Well-being

At Flow Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center, we are serving up chiropractic care to assist you in your healing journey and reconnect you to your purpose. Our motto is: FLOW – for the love of well-being, because we believe being well is the cornernstone to a full, vibrant life.

Flow Chiropractic provides a space where many different people and communities can come together to learn, heal and grow. We know that through the chiropractic adjustment, you can gain a new sense of vitality and connection to your body, empowering you in your own personal evolution while allowing you to better serve your family and community. Being well contributes to a better world.

Located conveniently in the Elmwood District of Berkeley at 2718 Telegraph Ave (at Ward Street), Flow Chiropractic offers a warm, inviting space perfect for deep healing.


We have time to meet with new patients.

Our expertise includes pregnancy and postnatal care (Webster Technique Certified), pediatrics, musculoskeletal issues, pain relief, stress management, and wellness care for your entire family.

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