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Choosing the type of practitioners involved with your health, your family’s health or your pregnancy and birthing process is crucial for your experience of well being. While we recommend chiropractic care for all members of the family and especially pregnant people, we also recommend complementary care of acupuncture, massage therapy and nutritional and herbal therapy along with regular contact with your chosen birthing team.

Below is a list of practitioners in the area whom we love. Some provide individual care, most provide services for new families. If you need further recommendations please ask at your next visit or fill out our contact form.





 Nutrition Support

  • Tali Sedgewick, NE, RD – Food NE/RD – Helping you feel your best, one forkful at a time
  • Amy Griffith, Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant – Embrace Health and Nutrition – Fix your food first!




  • Golden Oak Midwives – Ellie Griffinger, CNM & Gwen Haynes, CNM – Personalized care in the hospital setting
  • Michelle Borok, LM, CPM – Nourish Midwifery – Offering the midwifery model of care: Homebirth, Waterbirth, Home Insemination (IUI), Sexual Health Assessment, and Childbirth Education
  • Kristen Graser, LM, CPM – Fruits of Labor
  • Gingi Allen, LM, CPM – The Art of Mothering – doula, ceremony, & pregnancy movement

Placenta Encapsulation


  • Dr. Nazia Sheriff- Olive Leaf Pediatrics – concierge, family centered, house calls
  • Dr. Amy Maidenberg – Sage Pediatrics – Holistic care for infants, children and adolescents

 Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

 Lactation Support

Resource Centers for New Parents

  • Birthways – Berkeley – A comprehensive pregnancy, birth, and parenting education and resource center
  • Then Comes Baby – Oakland – Supporting strong families, empowering parents, and fostering community connections
  • Oakland Birth and Wellness – Community space for growing families

Self-Care Retreats