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Alicia and Athan

After seeing Dr. Provasoli for 6 months, the pain that I was experiencing in my neck and upper back was significantly reduced.  I used to grab my neck and shoulders several times a day; I just got used to living with the pain. But after receiving consistent chiropractic care, I now only feel any pain after some intense physical work, and even then the pain is gone within a day.  In addition to adjusting my body, Dr. Provasoli also gave me great exercises and stretches that have made a HUGE difference as well.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to target the effected muscle groups with the right kind of exercises in addition to getting adjusted, as it is these exercises that are going to help the body build the strength it needs to hold the adjustments.  I continue to see Dr. Provasoli every two weeks, and I find that this manages my pain so well that I now live virtually pain free.

Dr. Provasoli also cared for my infant, now toddler son from the age of 18 months.  Since he has been receiving chiropractic care, he has not gotten sick once!  I really believe that this is due in part to receiving chiropractic care, as his immune system has been significantly strengthened by the adjustments.



I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Ariel! I picked her, initially, because she specialized in the Webster technique and was in an easy to access location, but I stayed because of  her wonderful care!
She really listens to the issues you are experiencing, and is open and honest about what she is feeling during your exam. She was such a calming presence toward the end of my pregnancy when I was worried about the baby being in a bad position.
She was so supportive of my birth choices, and so ready to support in any way she could. She did a wonderful home visit after the birth that allowed me to get the chiropractic I needed to feel better without exposing the very young baby to too many germs. Our appointments were like talking with a really helpful and knowledgeable friend.

I couldn’t recommend her enough to pregnant women!


I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Ariel!  I grew up with a mother who was adamant about getting us adjusted but as an adult I’ve let a few years go by without visiting a chiropractor.  After 2 sessions I was reminded how amazing chiropractic care is, especially when you have a great chiro!  I visited Dr. Ariel just for a tune-up and walked out feeling like I had a new body; I was having some hip and neck issues and felt that both of those were much better. I felt taller and as though my alignment was back to a place where it wanted to be, such a unique but great feeling.  I felt Dr. Ariel was super intuitive, she explained everything she was doing which allowed me to tune-in more with my body during the adjustment.


Dr. Ariel Provasoli has been an incredible help to me–my body as well as my sense of wellbeing. I have had more injuries and surgeries than one person should collect over 40 years, and as a wedding photographer I carry heavy cameras and lenses on my shoulders often. Dr. Ariel has helped my chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, and her professional care has even inspired me to help myself by being more aware of my posture. Since seeing her I have also begun to exercise and eat better; I am inspired. I recommend her highly!


I began care with Dr. Ariel early in 2014 while attending an event for the clean water fund and I have been under her care ever since. I suffer from chronic muscle pain and have neck and back injuries due to a car accident a few years ago as well as prior sports injuries. When I first visited Ariel my headaches were so bad that I couldn’t even think straight. From the first visit I noticed relief and the pain lessened more and more with subsequent visits. I have setbacks from time to time when I’m not treating my body right and a visit to Dr. Ariel always helps to get things back in order. Unlike many doctors Dr. Ariel will take the time to explain what is wrong and why. She is very knowledgeable in her field and I would recommend her as a chiropractor to anyone that needs one!